Why the HOME Shelter? Early Iterations High Tech Version Low Tech Version  

Low Tech Version


The low tech version - the one that complies with the original use life requirements and other primary, system level requirements - is constructed of commercial grade, weather-proof plywood.

Plywood was suggested by URI professors Boving and Craver - two people who spend time in Kenya and Guatemala developing sustainable wastewater purification projects. I was fortunate to team up with them last year for the URI Engineering Honors class. In our first meeting, they convinced me to simplify the design of the structure and electronics to reduce cost and vandalism which I did in the next iteration.
What you see here is only three (3) panels of the full scale prototype. More needs to be done. That's where crowdfunding comes in. Help us make a full scale, functional prototype that we can showcase to people.
Why LooLoo? Why the HOME Shelter?
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A corner view of the partial full scale prototype.

Renewable solar power is supplied by a single 80-100 Watt panel on top of the 'power cap'.